tony apanovitch

A man sentenced to death, two times, for a crime he did not commit.

DNA evidence exonerated Tony of the rape and allowed him to leave death row as a free man after 32 years. As soon as he was released, he called Beth, the love of his life. They were soon married, and Tony became a loving husband and grandfather to Jaedan, Chloe, Willow, Navahn, Rayna and Jade.

Tony was doomed from the start...

... denied a fair trial because the police and prosecutors hid and lied about three pieces of so-called evidence that were as false as they were damaging to Tony's defense. By lying to the jury, hiding evidence, and twisting the facts, the state created a false narrative that made Tony look guilty. Although the 'evidence' has effectively been revealed as bogus and erased from record, the truth came to light only years later, after it had already unduly influenced the unsuspecting jury to convict Tony.
After 18 months of freedom with his family, a legal technicality regarding the way that the DNA evidence that freed him was processed resulted in his exoneration being overturned. Tony was then stolen from his family when the U.S. Marshall's came to his house and took him back to death row, where he tragically stands today.
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Hell Has An Exit Podcast

On this episode you will hear from Anthony’s Attorney - Dale Baich, Ohio State Representative - Jean Schmidt, Director of Communications for Ohioans to Stop Executions - Allison Cohen, and Anthony Apanovitch himself.

From Death Row and Back: The case of Anthony Apanovitch

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After 32 years on death row, Tony Apanovitch was finally exonerated and freed based on DNA evidence. But just when he thought the injustice of his wrongful conviction was behind him, his new life was snatched away and he was sent back to prison on a legal technicality. Now, Tony is on death row for a second time for a crime he didn't commit and once again fighting to reunite with his wife and family.

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